You can now download the entire game  + all the assets created to make this game, contained in the archive The Mist

NEW VERSION : after many reviews of the game, some players were disturbed by a invented word that remind too much a racial injury. As I'm french, I didn't see the similarity of the two words, but I decided to replace it. So the version 1.3.2 is 100% without any disturbing word in it (but still with monsters) ! ^^

This is a gb file so put it in your favorite emulator and have a nice game ! Despite of all my efforts, there is maybe some bug again, so tell me by message if you see something strange during your game.

I made this game by my own, I spent something like 1 years to do it as its best, but I still want to let it free price, so if you liked it please think about a donation !

Physical cartridge available here :

Full play (good ending) :

The game

Your predecessor disapeared in a strange way, and the companie needs you to take his place. But some evil-sea creatures lurk in the shadows of your dreams, waiting to catch you ...

The Mist is a narrative horror game freely adapted from the Cthulhu myth material. The game have two differents ending depending on some choices during the adventure.

Duration : +- 30min

Demo : +-5min


Arrow UP : to interact with objetcs

A/Z  : to valid choices or dialogues.

B/E : to cancel choices

StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
Made withGB Studio
Tags2D, cthulhu, Game Boy, gb-studio, Horror, Lovecraftian Horror, Retro, Singleplayer


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Just got my package and cartridge - really beautiful graphics and stand out font work! The postcard and shells included were very special. Keep making cool stuff!

Thank you for the review ! Enjoy the game !

I am enjoying it! You should make a sequel using GB Studio 3 at some point. Also, is there more than one ending for the game?

There is two endings, so keep your eyes open during the game ! I only make one shot game, so no sequel but a new game for this winter, inspired by old Oghamic culture. I want to design it on GB Studio but for now it's just scratchs and hand-drawings :

si very good I was telling the story to a friend and he as like wow what movie or book is that? Very amazing gb game, thank you. I liked how the painting changed, it made me say OH NO! Out loud thanks

Hi, thanks for this review. If you want to go further you can read The Myth of Cthulhu from H.P. Lovecraft, very famous american horror writter, and for the movies, all the early John Carpenter's material (like In the Mouth of Madness or the so famous The Thing) was my principal inspiration.

hey thanks! 

This game worked like a charm, and I loved that there's a final decision to make

Yeah !  Nice accents !

i opened the game with emulator (KiGB) on my mac, but none of the keys on my qwert keyboard would trigger "start game".. the only key that would trigger anything is Shift, which brings up the credits instead. (the issue does not happen in browser version tho)


I don't use Kigb but I know that you can settle your own configuration of keyboard in the options menus. Try to see what key is the "A" button. I tested the last version recently with an other emulator and didn't have any trouble like that.

thanks! i figured out it's Option key:)

Very nice game. Do you mind sharing your cartridge Label? Cheers

No problem if it's for personnal use only 'cause I already sell cartridges.

I added it on my github !

thank you

Can you help me? I would really like to play it, but I can't seem to be able to open it with my pc as it's a GB file.

Hi, you have to use an emulator. I use Bgb or Kigb (with more settings) :

There is some sound issues, due to the version of the Scripting environment of the game, but you can still  have a good experience with them.

Cheers !

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Thank you very much, I finally did it. A really nice game... right now, it holds the 5th place in my 2022 Videogaming Top 5.

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Hi, thanks ! Just for information, what ending did you saw ? For information there is 2 differents ending depending of your choices during the game.

As lucky as I am... I got the bad one (and saw the good one on Youtube)

What ? Where did you see it ?

Omg I love the art style and as a person who loves lighthouses, I would say that this is amazing!

Hi, I released the game today, hope you'll like it !

Very good! I accidentally walked off the catwalk though :,) 

Hi ! Thanks for the observation ! I'm currently looking for all the bugs on the final version, a little bit hard because there is 2 differents ending depending of the choices made during the game. So it take a lot of time !

Ok! I´m really excited to see what you do with this! :)

Very atmospheric, can't wait to see where this goes.

Thanks ! I don't want to share it to early,  without checking all the bugs and langage mistakes, but i'm glad to see that the first minutes are appreciated !

Makes sense, take your time. I feel like a lot of work is done in the details so looking forward to this! :)


Hi, I think there is some tricky thing with the keycontrol A and B. On azerty keyboard I put Z for A and E for B, but I don't know how it work with qwerty keyboard, sorry for that. There is personnaly no issue when I test it in the browser, and pushing B make it goes to the credits automaticaly.

Hi, I love the feel and the look of your demo! I'm a student sound designer and musician in video games. It's will be amazing if I may put sound in your game! That will sound good to you

Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and I am a small Youtuber. If you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe to my channel.

This was a really cool 2D retro horror game with a really nice design of the surroundings. Even though the demo was short, I am quite interested to know about what will be happening in the later part of the story, what will happen to the Lighthouse and the main character. The design of the environment of every room was really nice where small details were added to make the rooms more realistic.

Some issues for me was that there were a few English errors here and there but it doesn’t really affect the gameplay so don’t be too worried about it. Other than that, I felt that the game didn’t really feature what was the “horror” of the game unless the “horror” of the game is referring to the terrifying weather and natural disasters approaching the lighthouse. 

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.


Hi, Thanks for the review !

Honestly I understand that the term "horror" is not very suitable for this demo, I just wanted to show the general atmosphere with those 5 first minutes, and it is also a 8bits games, so I think that it will be not so horrific than more detailed games. ^^

For the English errors I try to correct them at the same time with the bugs, I'm french so this is the most difficult part of the work.

The game is really cool though! I liked the idea and the design of the environment so keep up the good work!!!

nice game !!

Thank you, it's just the demo, I work on a physical release on GB Cartridge too.